Sky High Media is a creative production team based in South Florida with special emphasis on Motion and Aerial Cinema. Our subsidiary offices include The Bahamas, South Carolina and Miami.

Here at Sky High Media we are more than just a team of creatives. We’re CREATORS. Whether capturing content or designing and manufacturing equipment we have the experience and ability that is sought after in the industry.

Our services include:

  • FAA Part 107 approved sUAS Aerial Services
  • Camera Package Rentals with experienced Ops
  • Industrial UAV Systems Consultation
  • Custom UAV builds and designs - We can provide UAV design services to suit most needs.
  • Overseas Production Coordination - Extensive local knowledge of the Islands of the Bahamas and experience in many other Caribbean locations.
  • World wide travel at a moments notice. Our gear is always ready to be packed up and transported with our team of professionals.
  • Motion Cinema with stabilized systems from handheld to vehicle mounted and full size aircraft.
  • High resolution large format Aerial Photography.
  • A full spectrum of Post production services at 4k or higher delivery.
  • 3D Orthographic Imaging.