The most capable and advanced heavy lift multirotor frame



Safety obviously comes first, that is why every frame comes with wire locked safety for all mission critical fasteners. The motor mounts, tube clamps, damper mounts & motors all have the ability to be locked with safety wire after installation.
This will ensure that nothing can come loose, period.


While safety is the most important factor in design. Rigidity is the most important element from a commercial perspective in determining flight characteristics. A frame that is not rigid will not handle power very well. Under heavy acceleration a flexible frame will cause oscillations and possible loss of control. Monster X Red in its most powerful configuration is capable of 150 lbs. of thrust at full throttle. Power like this would fold weaker frames in half.


We realize that this industry moves quickly, because we have tried to future proof as much as possible. We have included mounting points and screw holes for a variety of power systems, including mikrokopter, herkules, and our recommended performance tuned power system. The optional damper assembly includes mounting points for the ACR Beast, DJI Ronin, and Freefly Movi. Whether you buy a frame kit and build it yourself or have one built professionally, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.