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About Us

Sky High Media is a creative team, specializing in aerial cinematography. Considered pioneers of UAS technology, we aim to stay on the cutting edge. From commercial productions to countless music videos and manufacturers of our own, custom UAS designs, our range of expertise far surpasses that of our competitors. Founded in 2011 in Nassau, The Bahamas our company quickly grew to be a leading name in UAS cinematography. Our efforts moved to South Florida in 2014 when the company became a global sensation and partnered with Drone Nerds, INC, the largest online retailer of drones in the world. In addition to breathtaking aerials, our creative cinematography work can be found scattered in advertisements throughout the globe. With an eye for the art of motion, our team finds the creative, unique shots signature to our name.




Designer and inventor of Monster X Performance Multi­rotors his extensive knowledge of UAV design and engineering brings a forward approach to the industry. His love for engineering began at an early age while working for his family’s various construction companies. Later, pursuing his fervor for photography. George is an expert in a field of few. His consultations range from Government agencies at the level of National Security to collegue Aerial Cinema companies to private individual hobbyists. George is based full time in Nassau, The Bahamas and provides services internationally.



A 2003 Art Institute graduate, Lance’s passion for technology and creative imagery runs deep. His knowledge in operating sUAS for over 5 years, combined with International experience ranging from World Cup Futbol matches, to Fijian documentaries, and superstar filled music videos makes him one of the finest Remote Pilots and Gimbal operators in the industry. Blessed with an innovative and creative passion, he has one simple goal - deliver stunning one of a kind imagery that you have never seen before. A proud member of Polar Pro and ACR Systems Pro teams, Lance wears many hats and continues to stay on the cutting edge of product development.


Jason is a very important crew member, in constant visual line­ of ­sight of the UAS while in flight. Jason assists the flight team in the duties associated with collision avoidance and complying with the applicable rules of flight as laid out by the FAA. Responsible for all aspects of safety while on set Jason helps to ensure a safe and successful shoot every time.

Erick Sala: Marketing & Design

A highly collaborative and multifaceted professional adept at conceiving, developing, and implementing innovative design across numerous channels. Born in Miami from Argentinean parents, raised in Puerto Rico, and coming from a family composed of Musicians and Artists. Erick has turned into a creative army knife and is proud to be part of the Sky High Media Team.



Sky High Media is a creative production team based in South Florida with special emphasis on Motion and Aerial Cinema. Our subsidiary offices include The Bahamas, South Carolina and Miami.

Here at Sky High Media we are more than just a team of creatives. We’re CREATORS. Whether capturing content or designing and manufacturing equipment we have the experience and ability that is sought after in the industry.

Our services include:

  • FAA Part 107 approved sUAS Aerial Services
  • Camera Package Rentals with experienced Ops
  • Industrial UAV Systems Consultation
  • Custom UAV builds and designs - We can provide UAV design services to suit most needs.
  • Overseas Production Coordination - Extensive local knowledge of the Islands of the Bahamas and experience in many other Caribbean locations.
  • World wide travel at a moments notice. Our gear is always ready to be packed up and transported with our team of professionals.
  • Motion Cinema with stabilized systems from handheld to vehicle mounted and full size aircraft.
  • High resolution large format Aerial Photography.
  • A full spectrum of Post production services at 4k or higher delivery.
  • 3D Orthographic Imaging.